Our causes

Basic Needs

Abundance International makes routine visits to the orphanages we support to bring a variety of basic needs, such as laundry soap, diapers, and maintenance repair items.

Medical care

The medical needs of orphans are great. Nearly 1/3 of the children left by parents are because of physical or mental deformity. We provide physical therapy equipment, learning centers for Down Syndrome children, and more.


Education is critical for these children. We are proud of the work done to create learning centers for children with mental disabilities, but, even more, we use the birthing center as a place to teach young women how to be good mothers in hopes that they will keep their babies.

Disabilities Care

Children with disabilities require more care, attention, and resources than most. Abundance International provides physical therapy equipment, and adoption support for these needy children.

Birthing Center

We are proud of the birthing center we built for the orphanage. In these, mothers can stay in the same room as their newborn infants with 24/7 medical care. More are under construction now.

Construction Projects

Most orphanages in Ukraine are decades old and need basic help for heating and electrical upgrades. Additionally, we’ve build I.C.U. units, creative learning centers, physical therapy rooms, and more.


A Magical Visit to the Kherson Orphanage in Ukraine at Christmas Time (Dec 2018)

Thanks to all of your generosity, the men of Dream Connections raised $20,000 to upgrade the utility system for heat and electricity.  It has made a huge difference for the Kherson Ukrainian orphanage already!  As a SPECIAL bonus surprise, the director of the orphanage arranged for the children to give us a musical presentation that had us welling up in tears. 

Update Orphanage Visit (Nov 2016)

Helping Orphans in Ukraine is the thing we at Abundance International love. Since we founded the company in 2006, we took on the role of giving back as a thank you to the people of Ukraine. It warms our hearts that now we can share with you what we have done and will continue to do for the future of these special children

Orphans of Ukraine – Nikolaev Orphanage (Sept 2014)

More than just giving back to the community in Nikolaev, we have become a vital source of help and support to these infants and children who can do nothing to help themselves.

Supplies in Winter for Orphans in Ukraine (Jan 2014)

Visiting the orphanage to bring in some supplies. The kids are so happy with the sweets we brought in. Simple joys that are really heart-warming. Please watch and enjoy.

Make a difference

We believe that no child is ever lost, every person is valuable, and all people are worthy of love!

Abundance International, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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