Chernihiv Ukraine Orphanage Roof Needs Replacing Before Fall

Orphanages require funds to install a modern gutter and drainage system.

Easter Greeting From One of Our Children

Thank You for Bringing Joy to Ukrainian Orphans


Help Keep Ukrainian Children Warm and Well-Fed This Spring

A Story of Courage Amidst Conflict

Harrowing True Story From One of Our Orphanages Behind Enemy Lines

Supporting Orphans in War-Torn Ukraine

How Your Help Can Change the Lives of The Orphans in Ukraine

One-Year Anniversary of the Russian Invasion

To all the thousands of you who have cared for our orphans over the past year, we want to thank you.

Christmas and New Year in Ukraine

Your Gifts For Ukraine’s Orphans at Christmas Brought Smiles to Many Little Faces

Begin 2023 With Gratitude

Christmas Drawings From Some of Our Orphans

Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children in Ukraine’s Orphanages

Children in need of proper medicines

Ukrainian Orphans In Need Of Proper Medicines And Medical Equipment

Children Forced to Live Underground

Because of dangers, kids from 0 to 4 years old are forced to stay in underground basements for 3 to 6 hours per day

Family in Beryslav

Unbearable Struggles for Children of Ukraine In Russian Controlled Territory

The Nest

Vinnytsia Ukrainian Orphange

First Month of The War

What Happened During the First Month of the War

Hero of the Game

Honors from the Las Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Team

Power Outage

What if the power goes out?

New Orphanage

New Ukrainian Orphanage We’ve Adopted

Gas Shortage

We Pulled Strings to Get Gas for the Orphanage and Children’s Hospital

Day 14

Orphans in Ukraine Facing Critical Challenges

Day 13

Mark Shares Stories and Photos From Life in Nikolaev During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Day 12

Russia Ukrainian War in Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Day 11

Russia Ukrainian War in Ukraine: Battle for Nikolaev

Day 10

Critical Update

Day 9

Closing In On Nikolaev

Day 8

Possible Blackouts and Internet Disruptions

Day 7

What Can We Still Do For The Orphanages?

Day 6

Supplies Getting Low / No Gas


Buying Food to Feed the Children | Feb 28, 2022

Orphanage Director

Orphanage Director Speaks Up About the Needs of the Mykolaiv Ukraine Orphanage

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