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Birthing Center at Nikolaev Orphanage

This project is especially important and significant. Nearly a third of the kids that came to the orphanage are of special needs and one of those special needs has to do with premature births . The orphanage has a unique vision to create a premature infant birth center and also offer this  free service to the local community , with 6 different suites for the mother and the infant to stay in. We need to raise the remaining $15-18,000 of the needed $30,000 for this project.

Caring for the Orphans in Ukraine

We actively support the orphanages with supplies, medicines and construction projects. Abundance International has built physical therapy rooms for the handicapped, learning centers for children with Down Syndrome, and birthing centers where mothers can stay with their newborns, learn to be a mother, and maybe decide to keep their child.

Kherson Orphanage Update – Your Donations Change Lives in Ukraine

Last week, we took a drive down to Kherson and the orphanage we support there to give You an idea of how they are doing. What we got instead was an Amazing Update Video from the orphanage director who wanted to send her Unrelenting Gratitude Towards Someone Special…

Kherson Orphans Need Your Help April 2021 Visit to Orphanage in Kherson, Ukraine

So many of us take for granted the food that we have access to every day. In the orphanage in Kherson, Ukraine…the children aren’t so lucky. Their food budget has been sliced in half and they only need $4/day to get by. This is a difference you can make in the lives of innocent children.

Making a Difference! Orphanage Report Kherson Ukraine April 22, 2021

It will amaze you how much can be done for these orphans with so little. Please watch this trip report from our visit to the Kherson Ukraine Orphanage yesterday!!! All of this is possible because of the caring people who gave. Thank you with all of our hearts!

NEW PROJECT: Nikolaev Ukraine Orphanage Premature Infant Birth Center

Caring for those who can’t care for themselves has been part of our core values since the first year we started doing business in Nikolaev Ukraine. This project is especially important and significant. Watch this video and contribute so when we broadcast the completion video you can say you played a part in making this happen. Contribute at: http://www.DreamConnections.com/orphans.

The Orphans of Ukraine – Nikolaev Orphanage for Infants and Small Children

More than just giving back to the community in Nikolaev, we have become a vital source of help and support to these infants and children who can do nothing to help themselves. Please consider giving in any amount to help these little ones by clicking on this link: https://www.paypal.me/abundancenow

Your Gifts Delivered To the Kherson Orphanage to Feed The Kids May 2021

Thank you for everyone’s donations and gifts to help feed the kids, they truly need it. The Kherson orphanage has been hit extra hard during 2020 and your gifts have been delivered to them. This Tribe truly understands how to pay it forward and show charity and giving. Thanks to your spirit of giving, your gifts help feed kids who would otherwise go with much less than they need to grow and thrive. Thank you to all of you who help kids eat and continue with your gifts, donations and pledges.

Urgent Need at the Kherson Orphanage in Ukraine

We love these children and are working very hard to get the standard of living for them up to a minimum standard. We’ve done so much already. Please watch this video and see the before and after images. You’ll see the projects we’ve just completed and the one we urgently need your help with.

Urgent Need at the Kherson Orphanage in Ukraine

With a price tag of around 2,000,000 Hryvnias (about seventy five thousand USD equivalent), this was the Biggest Project Abundance International had EVER taken on. And Through Your Tireless Gifts and Effort, The Roof Is COMPLETE! And not a moment too soon either, because a few weeks after this video was recorded Ukraine was hit with a massive winter storm including freezing rain. The roof was finished just in the nick of time thanks to YOU!

Ukraine Orphanage Visit – November 2016

Helping Orphans in Ukraine is the thing we at Dream Connections love. Since we founded the company in 2011, we took on the role of giving back as a thank you to the people of Ukraine. It warms our hearts that now we can share with you what we have done and will continue to do for the future of these special children.

Orphanage Visit – Finished ICU and Physical Therapy Room and New Insulation Project (Mar 2015)

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Orphanage Supply Trip and Creative Learning Center Project Update (May 2015)

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Nikolaev Orphanage Creative Learning Center Project Update (July 2015)

Visiting the orphanage and seeing how we are all making a change in these kid’s lives is great. The ICU and physical therapy room is finished and our next project is to provide proper insulation, replace the windows and floorings in another room. We are raising $6,000 to get this project done.

Orphanage Renovation Project – Physical Therapy Room (Sept 2014)

We remodeled the physical therapy room – new flooring, new window, and good insulation. This room really transformed from a cold, empty room to a place where the kids can learn how to walk and greatly improve their mobility. Thank you so much for making this happen.

Make a difference

We believe that no child is ever lost, every person is valuable, and all people are worthy of love!

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