Frequently Asked Questions

What does Abundance International do?

Abundance International is dedicated to supporting orphanages in Ukraine with what they need to care for the special needs children and those who have been dropped on their doorstep for care.

Abundance International will continue to do the work of spreading the word and attracting contributors who also believe in this work.

Abundance International is a hands-on organization that is physically present at the orphanages and provides the construction work needed for renovations projects as needed.

Abundance International will be expanding its mission to also support children 15 years old who must transition from the institutional orphanages that have raised them into functioning and independent adulthood in the society.

What are the ways you can help support the children


 Abundance International is funded entirely by the donations for caring people just like you. Yes, the donations may be tax deductible, but the reason people give is to know that they touched one of these young lives and gave them hope for their futures


The best way we can support these little ones is to help them find loving homes. For non-Ukrainian families to adopt one of these children is a process and they need our support. We will provide qualified adopting families up to $10,000 to help.


We are privileged to have a close relationship with the orphanages we support, and they gladly open their doors to us, because of the trust relationship we have. If you wish to join us on a visit to one of them as a VIP contributor, we’d be happy to make it happen.

Make a difference

We believe that no child is ever lost, every person is valuable, and all people are worthy of love!
Abundance International, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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