Featuring Mark Davis and Adam Lions KVUE News shares a mini documentary on the
situation in Ukraine during the Russian Ukrainian war and more so the state of Orphans and
Orphanages which Mark operates under his organization Abundance International here in

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CBS News

CBS News

Mark shares the rising concerns of supplies and the safety levels of two of the Orphanages
in Mykolaiv and Kheson after reported attack of a kindergarten and an Orphanage in
Ukraine.He also shares concerns on food, medicine and general supplies running short in
these orphanages citing increased possibility the government might stop issuing help.

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News Nation

News Nation

Mark shares his assessment of the condition of two of Mykolaiv based Orphanages runned
by his non profit organization- Abundance International. He shares the hustle to get food,
medicines and supplies here but also the good will of the people here who went out of their
way to help the orphanages have these needs met and the orphanages running.

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MSN News

MSN News

Mark sends his message to Russian leaders and begs for help from well wishing people to
make donations to Abundance International- A non profit organization that helps run
Orphanages in Ukraine. Watch his message here.

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FOX News Channel

FOX News Channel

Mark shares with John Roberts of Fox News the real happenings in Ukraine during the
Russian Ukrainian war. He shares the effort his organization- Abundance International is
doing to make sure the orphans, mostly young children under the age of 4 who can’t leave
the country are taken care of and given the best of care and having their needs met during
this tough time.

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FOX 5 News

FOX 5 News

Mark shares both good and bad news. The great news of the much help Abundance
International has been receiving: local assistance,the hard work of the nannies, food
supplies from the military and the go fund me donations sent from across the world.
But also some bad news citing the panic in Ukraine and in the Orphanages in particular
facing food shortage, supplies and the big threat of Security.

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