We’re so grateful to you as a partner with us in Ukraine to bring hope and life to the orphans in Ukraine! We needed to get to work ASAP on replacing the roof at the Chernihiv orphanage for special needs kids because of the leaking, water damage, and mold damage from the decades old roof on the building.

Thanks to you, we raised the funds to get this work done and will begin the work immediately, so it will be finished before winter comes! I love what we’re doing and the army of people, like you, who make this possible.

A special thanks goes out to the Christian and Missionary Alliance Global for their generous support in bringing in the final funding needed. We are grateful for our partnership with the CAMA.

One of the unforeseen expenses that has become a reality for our orphanages is the cost of fuel and electric utilities. The cost of gas has risen from 26 hryvnas per liter to 50, thus adding to our expenses for logistics. The cost of electricity has gone from 1.44 hryvnas per kilowatt hour to 2.64 hryvnas per hour.

That is hard enough for individual households to bear, but even more so for such large facilities as we support. In terms of priorities, keeping the lights on and gas for cooking and heating are non-negotiables. We don’t want to see funding for food and medicine take a hit, so we ask for your continued support.

Unforeseen challenges keep us on our toes, but we don’t shy away from challenge. Thank you for your love and care for these little ones. It shows the kind of person you are. We’re all glad that you’re with us.