We wanted to start 2023 with thankfulness for the army of donors who make all this possible.

Their Christmas will come on January 7th. They took time to congratulate you on your Christmas and to say thank you for your care and to wish you peace in your life.

As you know about us, we continually share the photos of our work. We hope you will more and more feel like you are there and part of what we’re doing in Ukraine.

Together, we brought aid to more than 2,350 orphans in 22 orphanages across Ukraine in 2022.

Do you realize that for the first time, the lives of the children we are caring for may even be a bit better than the average child in Ukraine.

We are grateful to God for you. Despite the war, the orphans in our care:


  • Continued to receive proper nutrition
  • Continued to receive critical medicines
  • Kept facilities clean and sanitized
  • Underground rooms allowed for play, sleep, and care
  • Kept as warm as possible
  • Kept electricity on more than most
  • Felt our care with many special projects
  • Adapted with the growing number of children
  • And, most important, none of our children are missing

We can’t stop the war. We were not able to help everyone, but we, together with you, did our best to help our orphans do more than survive.

    Happy New Year

    From All of Us at Abundance International