Children in the typical orphanages are divided into those with disabilities and those without. The ration is generally 80/20.

Some types of orphanages have only children with certain types of disabilities, such as vision or hearing loss.

Another type is like rehabilitation for special needs children with the intention of sending them to normal orphanages as soon as possible. For example, those who have problems with their central nervous system. Sometimes, certain physical therapy or massage therapies can help them return to normal life.

In our database we have all three types of such facilities. We understand that these types of children require special support such as medical treatments, special medicines, surgeries in some cases, and special requirements for their care. Since the war started, this style of work became the most difficult to maintain; to arrange physically and pay for financially. Some of these children had surgeries scheduled from before the war, such as one we helped with a kidney transplant, some children needed to continue getting medical treatment as they had before the war, and of course it is more difficult to get the same medicines and deliver them.

Most of such children are not able to be put in safe places, so this or another way they had to stay in dangerous areas because they can’t be moved.

Finally, we had to somehow encourage the people who were caring for them to stay there and continue helping these children to survive.

All of those aims we were able to reach because of the donors of Abundance International. We are so glad to know that these children were not abandoned. They, maybe even more than others, need love and care because all of their days are spent in bed. They can’t stand up. Each meal is a project.

Each day the schedule for taking pills and prescriptions, and physical therapy is essential to their survival. It’s a hard work. We are inspired by the patience of nurses because these children’s lives are 100% dependent on them.

We are so happy to report that because of you some children got surgeries and certain treatments that promises them hope for their future. The rest of the kids who come, who don’t have that chance, just need to continue to receive our care and love. Because we are the only people they have in this world.


All of Us at Abundance International