The support of charitable organizations, such as Abundance International, has become crucial in light of the insufficient resources provided by the Ukrainian government due to the ongoing war. While the orphanage will receive some funding from the government, there is no allocation specifically for building renovations, despite the urgent need. It’s important to note that most of these buildings were constructed in the 1940s and 1950s, with very few updates made since then.
One of our current projects involves repairing the roof of our orphanage in Chernihiv. Even though the building was constructed over 40 years ago, it appears much older. The original design did not include proper water drainage, resulting in water seepage under the roof and subsequent mold growth within the interior walls. This mold is causing respiratory illnesses, particularly among the bedridden children, and poses potential life-threatening risks. While there are local efforts to remediate the mold issue, we require funds to install a modern gutter and drainage system, which amounts to addressing the root cause.
We have experience with a similar project, the complete roof reconstruction of the Kherson Baby House, which was undertaken just two years ago. We carefully planned that project to ensure all the work was finished before the weather changed seasonally. Consequently, the orphanage, comparable in size to Noah’s Ark, now has a new, modern roof.

The spring of 2023 in the southern, northern, and central regions of Ukraine has been unusually cold and rainy, making it impossible to commence any construction work. This leaves us with only a few summer months to secure funding and complete this project.


We invite you to join us in making this project a reality by helping us raise the necessary funds quickly. We will keep you updated with photos of the process, ensuring that you can witness your donations making a real-time impact.