Dear friends,

Ukrainians celebrate Easter one week after Americans. Their traditions are rich: they make traditional Easter bread Pasky and paint eggs Pysanky or Krashanky, they decorate them with different symbols, which typically means protection, love, happiness, and prosperity.

Early in the morning of Easter day Ukrainians go to church. Unfortunately, this year Ukraine was bombed even on this holiday. We thank to our donors for their help and support of our orphans, because of you children had Easter bread, eggs, traditional sausages, and some candies. We would like to share with you the video, where Nastya tells you a traditional Easter poem Hayivka.


Please watch this delightful video as Nastya shares this poem with joy:

It is a wonderful sunny morning,

The Holy song is sung by people,

All adults and children are happy,

Because Christ is risen!!! Christ is risen!!!

There is a tasty Easter bread on the table and around it there are pysanky.

We know that God loves us every day, every century.

Our family is big, but we all pray for one thing:

To see our Ukraine happy and successful,

Let Ukraine bloom like flowers on Spring days.

I was busy this morning, I was painting eggs, I painted on them the Saint Ukrainian signs, which protect our family. My pysanka is very beautiful, because it is for my mom!


Thank you for your continued support and for making a difference

in the lives of Ukrainian children.