We hope this email finds you enjoying the warmer temperatures that spring has brought. However, for the children in Ukraine, the situation remains challenging. With the government turning off the central gas and heating system at the end of March, many families and orphanages are still struggling to stay warm during the cold nights. The older buildings, in particular, can be quite frigid.
To combat this issue, we must find alternative forms of heat, such as electricity, wood, and coal. Unfortunately, these alternatives can be costly, with an average family spending up to 20% of their monthly income on heating alone. For larger orphanages, this expense is even more significant. Although the Ukrainian government offers some subsidies, more is needed to keep up with the rising costs. That’s why, for the next two months, we’ve committed to helping our facilities pay these bills, ensuring that the children can stay warm and avoid cold-related illnesses.
In addition to the heating crisis, the cost of essential vegetables has risen dramatically, putting a strain on our ability to provide nutritious meals for the children. For example, the price of 1kg of onions in the local currency, hryvnias, has skyrocketed from 12 to 68 hryvnias. These escalating costs make it challenging to maintain a healthy diet for the children we serve.
We urgently need your support to keep the children warm and well-fed during this challenging time. Your generous donation will enable us to cover the heating costs and provide essential vegetables for proper nutrition. Together, we can ensure these children stay healthy and safe this spring.
Thank you for your continued support and for making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children.