All countries of the world celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. But the holiday season in Ukraine this year was different. As you know, we’re dealing with children from the orphanages who don’t have parents and families to celebrate with. Then war came and added more challenges beyond not having mothers and fathers. It just felt vitally important that we do everything we could to at least bring them warm holiday cheer. In the months of December and January more put even more effort than other months with the intention of creating a holiday atmosphere and bring them pleasant emotions and some good memories.

With your donations, our team arranged little gifts, sweets, fruits, Christmas trees, and a little show for them. We involved the children in the show so they could feel the best holiday mood possible. We asked kids to learn some Christmas poems and sing New Year songs and we prepared for them active and fun games.

In Ukraine people start celebrating Christmas holidays on December 19, St. Nikolas Day. This is in honor of the patron saint who leaves sweets and small gifts for children under their pillows. After that people celebrate New year, which is on the night of December 31st and their Christmas in on January 7th. Traditions are very simple and connected to family gatherings. Together, Ukrainians celebrate by having a holiday dinner and remembering the previous year, while waiting with positive hope for the new to come. Exchanging little gifts and wishing each other the best for the New Year. Dressing up for that, preparing poems, having dinners, and getting little presents is what makes the children feel at home and safe with their families.

Thanks to you, we gave this love to these kids that they desperately needed.

We took some time to prepare photo and video reports for you because it is so sweet and cute and we wanted you to see it.