We are often asked about getting children out of Ukraine, but the majority remain in Ukraine for many reasons. Those children who live in the territories the Russian were not able to capture suffer disruptions to daily life you wouldn’t want to see happen to anyone. Because of dangers, kids from 0 to 4 years old are forced to stay in underground basements for 3 to 6 hours per day, and often through the night.

You must understand that these underground basements and bomb shelters need to be equipped in a way which would allow children to sleep, eat, play, and be occupied for hours at a time; and often to sleep through the night.

It’s hard to explain to small children why they can’t go outside to play like they used to. Instead, they stay in rooms with no windows that only have dirt floors. In addition, those rooms must be kept warm and provide water, cooking equipment, restrooms, and more.

To make such arrangements takes time, effort, and separate funding. See these photos as examples of several such underground living and sleeping rooms.

Included in the list of things needed to make these ugly basements into living spaces for kids we need to buy many things, but first, and most important are beds and mattresses.

They need bed sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains, electric kettle, pots, dishes for eating, sinks, toilets, doors, linoleum flooring, several floor heaters, towels, fire extinguishers, chairs, insulation, benches, water coolers for drinking.

We’re doing all we can but need your help. As you can imagine, getting fresh air into these rooms is of paramount concern. In addition to everything else, we need to purchase and install AIR FILTRATION systems to bring in and filter outside air.

All donations this week will be going to provide for the needs of these make-shift underground bunkers into decent places for children.

Thank you for being a partner with us to care for these orphans in this horrible time of war.


All of Us at Abundance International